FURY: power/endurance

MAYHEM: endurance/strength 

METTLE: strength/power


Each results-driven class is carefully designed, demonstrated thoroughly, and coached methodically. There is a direct emphasis on building a lean, athletic, and highly-functional body that performs with greater strength, mobility and coordination. We keep the body firing with various movements and class designs.  



Power/endurance. Fast-paced intervals combining punching, assault bikes and other power-based elements. We place a strict emphasis on controlled intensity and technique. The focus is on aggressive intervals with specific work/rest ratios. FURY is widely known as one of the most badass athletic conditioning classes in the community. 


Endurance/strength. You will quickly realize how effective the fusion of the speed rope and bodyweight training truly is. Each circuit is intentionally balanced to take you to a specific threshold. Prepare to be carefully coached on how to approach each dynamic movement with a strict sense of quality. You've never experienced a class like this before. 


Strength/power. This simple yet challenging design is the perfect counterpart to the conditioning of our other classes. We create a controlled and deliberate circuit in order to put the body through fundamental elements of weighted movement. You'll use anything from kettlebells and dumbbells to barbells and rings. Be prepared to feel this one the next day.