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Plan on arriving 10 minutes prior to the start of your very first class. This will allow the staff to walk you through the workout and expectations. If you're new to boxing, you must adhere to this without exception. 


You will be placed into a waitlist if you fail to sign into a desired class before it becomes full. Once signed in, you're committed to the spot. If someone in the class cancels, you will automatically be placed into their position, as long as you're at the top of the waitlist. If you fail to attend, you'll be subject to our no-show policy (listed below).


In order to avoid penalty, all guest reservations must be cancelled within 8 hours of the start of class. If you're someone on a Class Pass and you fail to early-cancel, you'll be subject to a forfeited session. The late-cancel/no-show fee for all monthly members is $10.  


Out of respect for the staff and fellow guests, please plan to arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of class. Sessions will begin promptly as scheduled. For all Saturday classes, the door will be locked after the start of hour. We provide a very detailed intro and demonstration that must be fully absorbed before attempting the workout. Those who are late may be subject to the no-show fee.